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Essential Oil Loofahs


Peppermint Tea Tree oil or Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree oil bar (4.5 oz)

Treat your feet to a deserving spa ritual. Give them a little wakening up and thank them… This foot scrubby has an embedded slice of natural loofah into handmade cold process soap – One end for scrubbing away at those calluses (we said hard working) and another for lathering those toes. Choose either soothing Peppermint and Tea Tree or Peppermint and Tea Tree with the added benefits of relaxing Lavender essential oil.
The light minty green or lavender soap and natural loofah look great and work well together
This loofah soap can also be used for any part of the body that needs a good exfoliation. Any gardening or mechanic knows that dirt will find it’s way into hands and nails, just from daily work
The natural loofah will do it’s job and the soap will be gentle enough to cleanse with benefits
Packaging will include a foot stamped drawstring bag
Depending on the size of the natural loofah, there may be more soap exposed where the loofah is pictured and after a couple of uses; the loofah will appear
Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you are interested in a different quantity than listed
***We also have a Super Circulation formula of these exact soaps but with the added benefits of the essential oils Geranium, Rosemary & Colloidal Silver
Soap Ingredients: Saponified: Olive, Coconut & Sunflower Oils, Goats Milk, Filtered Water, Natural Loofah, Colloidal Oatmeal, Honey, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver & Natural Mineral Pigment